We don’t just offer academic advice. All our consultants have business experience and operate or have operated their own businesses. We rely on real life business experience, as well as recognised leading practices. Our consultants come from Europe and South Africa.

We offer expertise in the following Areas:

Strategy and Planning

The correct business strategy is required to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of a business. It is the backbone of a business and outlines its values and ambitions.

In the strategy origination process we start off by analysing the business itself, as well as its market (market analysis). This then allows us to deduce and formulate an appropriate business strategy.

We then look at the how best to implement the strategy, by developing a strategic road map which outlines the short to medium term projects and programmes required to achieve the business strategy. This includes implementing governance and control mechanisms. 


Controlling and accounting

Controlling enables decision-making to be fact-based by providing management with key performance indicators (KPIs) and accurate data.

We can support you in establishing and implementing an efficient controlling system that will provide the relevant data to sales, purchasing, production and other business functions. The selection and use of the right IT and accounting systems is further critical, as it provides the foundation of where the data comes from which is then used for controlling purposes.


SAP and process optimization

As one of the world-leading business software companies, SAP allows for the efficient abstraction and mapping of business processes to IT systems for various branches and industries.

We offer 20 years of SAP experience, whereby we don’t so much focus on the IT / technical aspect, but rather on the business aspect. We understand what the system can do but “speak business” when interacting with our clients.

Due to SAP’s comprehensive functionality set, it can deliver better business processes at reduced costs as well as open new market opportunities.


Project management

Professional project management provides the means for your organisation to run more efficient and effective projects, both internally and externally, with higher chances of being within budget and on time.

We can help you establish robust project planning capabilities, including the selection and composition of project teams, resource allocation, as well as cost and time management.

A key success factor that is often overseen or underestimated is the importance of high social competence and team work. We can provide techniques on how to identify, manage and improve social “team” competence, promoting project success. 


Consulting Consulting


Business Establishment Support – Germany / Austria:

We have experience in the establishing and managing of businesses in South Africa, as well as Austria. We offer support for your business entry into the European market with regards to both organisational or administrative tasks, such as incorporation, establishing of bank accounts, handling of tax and legal matters, to assisting you with setting up the business in terms of conducting a market analysis, HR decisions, location identification, etc.

We offer specialised consulting services for the following:

  • Creating a business plan

A sound business plans sets the foundation for any new business. Through it you will be able to determine in detail what your cost and revenue bases will be and as a result what your profit outlook is. We will support you through this process and assist in estimating your costs, determine the necessary investments, calculate market opportunities and determine potential risks.

  • Choosing the correct format and registration of your company

In Germany, Austria and other countries in Europe an organisation has a few choices in how to incorporate, all with different implications. A few examples include an Open Corporation (Offene Handelsgesellschaft - OHG), Private Company with Limited Liability (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung – GmbH) and a Public Company (Aktiengesellschaft – AG). Most commonly companies will register a format with limited liability, which is similar to the South African Proprietary Limited format (PTY Ltd).

  • Tax queries

Which taxes need to be settled in the land in question and what needs to be considered? We will assess actions that have be taken, for example creating tax provisions.

  • Banking and Financing

We will assist you in choosing a bank, opening your business accounts, applying for credit cards and give advice in regard to getting bank finance for your business.

  • Choosing the location for your Company

We will assist in finding the ideal location for your company taking into account the following criteria: where are your potential clients positioned, which location is the most favourable in terms of logistics, how do the property prices between areas compare and how available is the necessary personnel. We will then assist you with the process of either the rental or purchasing of your preferred site.

  • Import activities

What needs to be considered when sending goods from Africa to Europe? Which permissions need to be gathered? Can you benefit from the EUR.1 trade agreement between South Africa and the European Union?

  • Implementation of marketing strategies

Planning and carrying out of marketing activities, market analysis and assistance in choosing the right local marketing agency.

  • The search for and the hiring of personnel




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