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Business Simulation GENERAL MANAGEMENT

This course is the cornerstone of a comprehensive approach to managerial finance and strategic management. Participants will get important financial and strategic insights by means of the business simulation. Management teams will be competing against each other with the goal of maximizing shareholder value.



Business Simulation LEADERSHIP

The leadership business simulation encompasses a range of realistic scenarios of a diversity of day-to-day leadership situations. These re-enactments are the highest form of learning, because the participants are faced with challenges that are the same as those they would encounter in reality.




The strategy development simulation is unique in that it is based around the real projects of your organisation: What will your portfolio of products and services be made up of in 2025? What will your organisational structures look like in 2025?

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Our top training program for management! Held by very experienced senior trainers from Europe, who have extensive experience as consultants or business leaders, therefore ensuring real-life business relevance. The program delivers central technical knowledge as well as developing the managers individual competencies (How should I behave and organise myself) and interpersonal competencies (How should I engage and interact with others).



Effective Presenting

All aspects of an effective presentation are covered in this course. Presentations are practiced in practical ways and as such key skills are strengthened. Emphasis is placed on observed presentation behaviour through video technology and different types of in-depth feedback on individual presentation performance.



Successful Leadership

This program combines cutting-edge advances in leadership with extensive practical experience. The key factors that contribute to successful leadership are examined in conjunction with day-to-day challenges managers might face and the psychological background around leadership.

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Managing MYSELF in the business world

Managing oneself and their conduct well leads to efficient working. Our presence is pivotal in this regard and determines how are we perceived, how assertive we can be and ultimately how successful we are. This program affords the manager the opportunity to contemplate and reflect on their own presence and what methods and techniques they can use to improve their position.



Introduction to Financial Corporate Management

Effective financial control forms the foundation for successful corporate management. For any important decision made within an organisation, the financial implications in relation to areas like procurement, sales, production, research and development are important to understand.

This program delivers key insights into the most vital methods and systems utilised in an organisation‘s accounting structure.


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