Our top training program for management! Held by very experienced senior trainers from Europe, who have extensive experience as consultants or business leaders, therefore ensuring real-life business relevance. The program delivers central technical knowledge as well as developing the managers individual competencies (How should I behave and organise myself) and interpersonal competencies (How should I engage and in-teract with others).

Management Excellence   "Individual competencies are the basis of our interpersonal and technical competencies, forming the way we do and how we develop."

 Part 1: Personal skills in business management (4 days)

  • Time Management
  • Self-Organisation
  • Rhetoric and presentation techniques
  • How do I make good decisions
  • Handling of professional challenges
  • Stress-Management
  • Mental Self leadership as a business success factor
  • Getting to know yourself better (personal vision, motives and attitudes)
  • Reflection, Feedback


 Part 2: Business strategy, planning and performance management (4 days)

  • The strategic management process and its relevance
  • Fundamental concepts in strategic management
  • Basic competitive strategies and strategic positioning
  • Successful implementation of strategies
  • Modern budgeting, forecasting and volatility
  • Cost management and cost Control
  • Mangement reporting and decision support


Part 3: Successful Leadership (4 days)

  • Leadership vs Management
  • The role of a leader – my leadership role
  • Leadership styles
  • How to understand people (employees) – psychologic basics and models about how human beings function.
  • Empathy: From understanding of human beings to effective leadership
  • Motivation: What works, what doesn‘t
  • Delegation and re-delegation
  • Employee dialogues and negotiation techniques
  • Trends in leadership (lateral leadership, dislocated leadership, generation Management)
  • How to create innovative organisations and teams (failure culture and self-organisation)
  • Agile organization, agile Leadership


 Part 4: General Management (Business Simulation, 4 days)

  • Identify financial challenges executives have to deal with
  • Use financial ratios to analyze a firm's financial performance
  • Convert financial ratios into decisions
  • Prepare a company's financial pro-forma Statements
  • Develop strategic thinking and skills in strategic Analysis
  • Analyze the competitive environment and identify strategic opportunities and threats
  • Establish long-term objectives, craft and implement a strategy
  • Balance conflicting objectives
  • Make decisions in Teams
  • See the big picture and set priorities


Target market:

Current as well as future generations of senior and middle Managers

Course Details:

  • Duration is 16 days, made up of four blocks of four days each
  • Maximum 16 participants
  • Training will be run at the facilities of the organisation in Question
  • Dates can be arranged flexibly to suit the Client
  • It is recommended to conclude the Four training blocks within a period of Six to Nine months
  • Training is conducted with two trainers


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