Business Simulation

The leadership business simulation encompasses a range of realistic scenarios of a diversity of day-to-day leadership situations. These re-enactments are the highest form of learning, because the participants are faced with challenges that are the same as those they would encounter in reality. Learning by doing means participants are engaged and involved in a way that can alter even the most stubborn opinions and habits. It is only through this process that lasting and fundamental changes can be achieved in leadership.
The term “Leadership simulation” aptly explains what this course is about. As is the case with a pilot, they will prepare for the absolute worst-case scenario and need to undergo extensive training in how they will deal with that situation. It is only through the flight-simulator that such experience can be gained. It is much the same with leadership, where simulation is the only way the worst cases of a break-down in confidence can be contended with, dealt with and learned from. The same way a pilot needs to undertake countless hours of simulation before they are deemed ready to transport passengers, a leader can benefit immensely under the extreme pressure tests they would undergo during these simulations, preparing them for such eventualities in the day-to-day execution of their duties.
The participants have the opportunity to experience their leadership style in order to analyse the impacts their conduct will have on their colleagues and subordinates. Through the various phases of the simulation different departments such as human relations, marketing and distribution are dealt with. In each phase participants will take up different roles, representing either the regional manager, department manager or relevant colleagues. The simulations are run in real-time and participants will need to deal with day-to-day tasks through a part of the work day where they will engage in a range of trouble-shooting scenarios with the same pressures as in real-life. The result is a full-scale virtual simulation of real work situations.
This process is then followed by intensive feedback phases in which each participant will evaluate the im-pacts of their leadership conduct and discuss ways to further develop productivity. To conclude, these teach-ings are then summarised through a multiplayer simulation in conjunction with relevant theory.

Objectives and learning Outcomes:

  • Practice and reflect on leadership conduct
  • Analyse leadership values and motivations
  • Reflect on teachings in regard to interpersonal com-petencies as the cornerstone of leadership abilities
  • Situational inputs for appropriate instruments of leadership
  • What conduct to use under extreme and unforesee-able worst-cases scenarios played out in a realistic setting
  • Strengthening the ability to deal with feedback in a systematic and constructive manner

Target market:

Current as well as future generations of organisational managers and project managers

Course Details:

  • Duration is Four days (depending on the participants prior knowledge and identi-fied training goals the duration could be adapted)
  • Maximum 12 participants
  • Training will be run at the facilities of the organisation in question
  • Dates can be arranged flexibly to suit the Client
  • Training is conducted with three instructors to facilitate in depth one-on-one development


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